What To Do In Ashland

Ashland Oregon Guide App:  This App points you to what is going on in Ashland and the surrounding areas. You will find Events, Outdoor Guides, Restaurants, Entertainment, Wineries, Night Lift, News, Weather and much more.

StayAshland: This Facebook page has a wealth of information on restaurants, events, and local information. Use this page to plan your trip to Ashland.

My Personal Favorites:  From time to time, I come across places, activities and events that I like.

  • New Sammy’s Cowboy Bistro – Lunch is fabulous.  Call for reservations.  There are a couple of seatings.  $$
  • The Growler Guy’s – This beer (afternoon and evening) and coffee (morning) place boasts an outdoor fire place surrounded with seats.
  • Ashland [i] Film Festival – For the last 16 April’s, folks have enjoyed the popular Independent Film Festival.   There is truly something for everyone.
  • Ashland Cabaret Theater – Singing, dancing, comic interpretations, fun, fun, fun.
  • Hike through History –  Guided hikes with stories from the past.
  • Taj Indian Restaurant – Wonderful Indian food.  Lunch and Monday nights are buffet.  Tuesday through Sunday dinners are off the menu. $$